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The Digital Public Health graduate program (Ecole Universitaire de Recherche en Santé Publique Numérique) combines lectures in epidemiology, biostatistics, computing and social sciences to explore the impact of digital public health on society.

The University of Bordeaux is the 3rd largest French university with more than 53.000 students. In 2016, it was one the first 3 research-intensive universities to be definitely awarded and Initiative of Excellence (IdEx). The university of Bordeaux created in 2016 a multidisciplinary “Graduate Research School” coordinated by a College of Doctoral Studies including three Doctoral Schools (SP2 – Sociétés, Politiques, Santé Publique; MI – Mathématiques et Informatique; SVS – Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé).

The Digital Public Health Graduate Program (DPH) , directed by Pr. Rodolphe Thiébaut, is a project conceived by the Bordeaux Population Health research centre (BPH) and the Bordeaux School of Public Health (ISPED) and awarded by the third French Investments for the Future Programme (Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir, PIA3). The project counts on numerous academic and industrials partners concerned by digital health and is open for international collaborations.

The Digital Public Health Graduate Program includes the creation of a new Master of Science (MSc) embedded in the Master programmes of ISPED, a Doctoral Programme (PhD) open to students from all disciplines, and a novel professional certification (DU) programme on connected devices and e-Health which responds to needs articulated by regional and international private companies (in creation).

The teaching programmes are based on the digital innovation brought by big data and connected devices for public health, as well as on the crucial current need to train in this domain through a modular and multidisciplinary teaching approach. Innovative training methodologies based on real-life projects and data-centred seminars are employed to foster collaborative problem solving, project management and dissemination skills. Courses are delivered in English.

Considering the worldwide impact of the BPH research and ISPED innovative teaching vision, the Graduate Program has the potential to turn the Bordeaux site into an international reference centre on training and research in the field of digital public health. Graduate from the The Digital Public Health Graduate Program will be highly employable data chief officers and future experts and leaders of the digital public health domains.

Key scientific fields: Public Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Digital and IT Sciences, Humanities.

Digital innovations open up new opportunities to improve the health of individuals and populations. The next generation of young professionals will need to be able to respond to interdisciplinary issues in an increasingly complex world.

Rodolphe THIEBAUT — Digital Public Health graduate program director

Updated on 11/06/2019


Digital Public Health Graduate Program

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