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Dual Master’s Degree in Population Health Methods and Data Sciences McGill University – Bordeaux University

We are proud to share that the Digital Public Health Graduate Program of the Bordeaux University and the McGill University (Canada) have concluded a dual Master’s degree agreement in Population Health Methods and Data Sciences.

French and International students have the possibility to graduate from a 1st year of Master’s degree in Epidemiology or Biostatistics or Public Health in McGill and to graduate from a 2nd year of Master’s degree in Public Health Data Science in Bordeaux.

The selected students from this Program, already registered at McGill since Year 1 of their Master’s Degree, will register at the Bordeaux University in Year 2 (Master 2) and will remain registered at McGill.

What is the advantage?

After having successfully completed the Program, the student will be awarded two degrees:

  • From Bordeaux University: Master mention Santé Publique, parcours Public Health Data Science.
  • From McGill University: Master of Science (Epidemiology OR Biostatistics OR Public Health).

Tuition Fees:

Students will pay the tuition fees to the host institution. Accordingly, students will pay their tuition fees for the 1st year at McGill based on their home country status and to Bordeaux during the 2nd year of the Program.

*During the student’s stay in Bordeaux, McGill will not charge tuition and fees.

Updated on 27/09/2019


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