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Passport to Open Science (08 October 2020)

A practical tool all long the thesis

National survey on thesis extension (29 June 2020)

all situations into consideration, this survey is submitted to all doctoral students, whatever their profile (discipline, year of thesis, funding dedicated to the doctorate or not). Requests ... In order to exhaustively measure the impact of containment on current thesis, a national survey is conducted among doctoral students. ... National survey on thesis extension

Defenses modalities for the beginning of the academic year 2020 (18 September 2020)

Click here to know all the information about the thesis modalities for this academic year.

Research Activities (25 September 2020)

A PhD student at the University of Bordeaux must establish, from the beginning of his/her thesis, a training plan in tandem with his/her thesis director by selecting trainings adapted to his

Coronavirus Covid-19 information (30 September 2020)

by email : Thesis defense : Enrollments : Trainings : Cotutelle program : cotutelledoctorat

PhD Program (23 October 2020)

, statistics and (bio)informatics. Multidisciplinary technological approaches and multiscale analyses are employed in order to train PhD students. Program Structure Thesis Defense A defense takes

Apply in PhD (21 October 2020)

to hold a Master of Science in one major discipline (e.g. public health, informatics, epidemiology, statistics, mathematics, sociology, etc.). The subject of the thesis must be related to digital public

Call for PhD Applications 2019 (21 May 2019)

. Eligible students are expected to hold a Master of Science in one major discipline (e.g. public health, epidemiology, statistics, and informatics). The subject of the thesis must be in relation with digital

Opening Ceremony 2019-2020 (22 October 2019)

of research, Philippe Moretto Graduate Research School actions by the Director, Roger Marthan 10h15 : 2019 Thesis Prizes competition : Winners speeches : Guillaume Naulet, Sciences

Apply to the DPH PhD Cohort (16 October 2020)

the training courses followed and validate their relevance before the candidate's thesis defense in order to award him/her the Digital Public Health Graduate Program certification. 2. S(he) commits to mention